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Advisory Services

  • As advisors, we bring our business knowledge and experience to help you accelerate your company into it’s fullest. We believe in developing beyond profitability and into prosperity. We are on a personal journey to see what is possible when we work from provision, build healthy relationships, value people and bring excellence and integrity into every areas of our lives. On this journey, we have learned many insights to practically applying these principles in our business and daily life. We engage as advisors or can join your Board of Advisors on a monthly basis. Advisory services begin at a commitment of $1,000 per month and increase based on time engaged with you each month. If you are interested in this service, please connect with us on our “Contact” portion of this website. 

  • Transforming your idea into invention or business opportunities.

  • Defining or refining your idea, invention or business into practical phases of development.

  • Vision casting your purpose while also relating your vision into practical steps.

  • Purpose Mapping: this is our proprietary process to create a profit model tailored to your unique situation.

  • Creating and developing profit models.

  • Developing strategies to scale.

  • Identifying desired or required resources in each phase of development.

  • Consulting services to support you in developing your business plan.

Network Connections

  • Often times, you are one connection or more away from the resource(s) you need. Gross Profit has a trusted network of invention developers, business developers, market specialists and referral sources. If we identify a beneficial resource for you, we offer services to connect you within our network.

  • People with talent, knowledge and experience are often more valuable in developing your idea, invention or business than financial capital. Where deemed appropriate and desired by the founder, we assist in developing ventures in collaboration. We create profit models for those developing or creating together to share the rewards together.

Strategic Relationships or Joint Ventures

  • We often see where a founder’s invention, product or service has additional market opportunities when combined with another business or venture. We may offer services to connect you in strategic relationships or joint ventures to create additional or complimentary profit opportunities.

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